Short story PUBLISHED

It’s not everyday someone can say they made a dream come true.  Today I’m lucky enough to say that I have.  Yesterday my short story titled “The Holy Thorn” was published on the Fantasy Faction website.

Fantasy Faction is a website dedicated to the fantasy genre, to sharing their love of fantasy books and short stories and the brillaint authors who write them with everyone. Named Reddits Fantasy Site of the Year, nominated twice for the British Fantasy Award, the World Fantasy Award and the Goodreads Independent Blogger Award, it’s one of the most prominant fantasy websites there is.

This online community are also extremely helpful to aspiring writers, holding monthly contests with different themes and publishing the winner on the main site.

It was my first time entering one of these monthly contests and I’m delighted to say I won and I’ve had my first work published on such an esteemed platform as Fantasy Faction.

Hopefully, this is the first step to greater things in my writing.  But for now, click on the link below, enjoy my story and let me know what you think.


About Jonathan Ryan

Jonathan Ryan is an aspiring writer, a seeker of truth and ponderer of the many wonderful mysteries of our world. He is currently working on his first novel, tentatively titled THE UNHOLY HEAVENS, as well as a collection of short stories based within this fantastical world of wizards, witches and courageous heroes.
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One Response to Short story PUBLISHED

  1. Tina Ryan says:

    Well done Jonathan very proud of you.. XX


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